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All of our works are available as Ebooks from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple and Smashwords

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Tempt Press has just begun to offer printed versions of all its offerings. We have worked out arrangements with Amazon , Barnes and Nobel,  to sell our books. Later we will begin to add more vendors to the list of stores carrying our books. Thanks to all for your patience.

About Tempt Press
Tempt Press is a little independent press that publishes a small number of New England writers in both Ebook and printed form.. We carry on a tradition of providing a good story with strong characters to entertain the traveler, vacationer, intellectually curious and avid reader.

Our Authors

Bob Henneberger - (opens a new page/tab)

Having lived in a dozen states, Europe and North Africa, Bob has a unique view of the world and events in it. His jobs have ranged from a laborer in a traveling carnival to a director of a state wide digital library.

Bob has been writing for the past decade, working mostly in Science Fiction and Mystery, He has also written short stories, plays, television scripts and articles for professional journals. He now lives in Vermont, close to Lake Champlain with his wife and several cats; not that that's an indication of anything unusual.


Books available
Here's a list of books available in print or ebook.

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Crackstone Chronicles - Extinction
Crackstone Chronicles - Connections
Crackstone Chronicles - Extraordinary Solution
Katz Pajamas
Katz Box
Katz Cradle
Hunting Paradise