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Crackstone Chronicles

To a basic civilization, advanced science can seem like magic. What happens when magic seems like advanced science? It depends on who is the observer and who is the observed.

Ambassador John Crackstone and his Science Officer, Tem, are from another galaxy. They interact with humans in a very unusual way; a manner which spans three thousand years and several million light years but ultimately answers the question: why would extraterrestrials visit Earth, let alone conceal themselves here?
Not until the final installment of the Crackstone Chronicle trilogy does the answer of how an Ambassador from a system in the Andromeda Galaxy relates to two humans, an omniscient, immortal race called the ?Time Keepers? and why scores of alien civilizations become fascinated with twentieth century Earth.

The three novels of the Crackstone Chronicles are: Extinction, Connections and Extraordinary Solution.

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The Katz Series

Benjamin Katz is a private detective who sets up shop in Los Angeles in the late 1970s. His girlfriend, Cassandra, joins him in the business; she and Benjamin marry at the end of the second novel. Since the two main characters eventually work for the US intelligence service, history plays an important role in the plots. The initial setting is Los Angeles, but Benjamin and Cassandra both move to Atlanta.

Each Kats novel begins with a murder to be solved. The novels, after the initial first chapter describing the murder, flash back to events leading up to the murder. Somewhere in the first third of each book, the action catches up with the murder, then proceeds to the conclusion.

Benjamin Kats was recruited by the CIA while he was still in the Marines; Cassandra is recruited just before they marry. The detective business is their cover for their occasional government assignments.

Throughout the Cold War, the CIA maintained a large number of contract agents to be ?eyes and ears? in foreign countries. These agents fed raw information to analysts who would then provide reports for American diplomatic and military policy makers. Benjamin Kats, ostensibly working for international corporations, actually gathers information for his government. In order to maintain plausibility as a private investigator, Benjamin must work regular cases as well as government cases.

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General Fiction

These are individual , stand alone novels

that can belong to a variety of genres.

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