The Crackstone Series Ebooks

Crackstone Chronicles

To a basic civilization, advanced science can seem like magic. What happens when magic seems like advanced science? It depends on who is the observer and who is the observed.

Ambassador John Crackstone and his Science Officer, Tem, are from another galaxy. They interact with humans in a very unusual way; a manner which spans three thousand years and several million light years but ultimately answeres the question: why would extraterrestrials visit Earth, let alone conceal themselves here?
  Not until the final installment of the Crackstone Chronicle trilogy does the answer of how an Ambassador from a system in the Andromeda Galaxy relates to two humans, an omniscient, immortal race called the “Time Keepers” and why scores of alien civilizations become facinated with twentieth century Earth.

The three novels of the   Crackstone Chronicles are: Extinction, Connections and Extraordinary Solution.

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