Please, please, don't send any unsolicited manuscripts! They will NOT be returned; they will immediately be placed in our recycle bin.

If you must, please submit a brief (one page) synopsis and a description of yourself and any other published works to our acquisitions editor

Although we will try to be kind, the odds of getting anything other than the following from any publisher or agent:

A. Our company represents a full list of fiction writers, and we must be highly selective.. blah, blah.

B. We're sorry for the impersonal response, but we don't think we're the ideal champion for your manuscript.

C. I appreciate your thinking of us for your project, but I'm afraid its not one we can take on.

D. Thank you for your interest in Tempt Press, but I do not feel we are right for your work.

E. Unfortunately, your work does not seem like it would be a good match for us.

F. Stop crying! For Pete's sake, there's only one John Steinbeck a generation and it's not you. Besides, John would want a much better publisher.

may be impossible.


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