About us


We are a small, well, a very small press that at present specializes in Science Fiction, Detective and Action/Adventure fiction.

As a clue to our intent, our hero is Miss Snark, we miss you greatly.

We are reluctant to accept new authors, However, if you insist, please click here


Our staff consists of :
1)  Cecelia, the Acquisition Editor. Cecelia has over 20 years experience as an editor. She has been a university/college English  professor and holds a PhD in English.

2)  Ed, the general Flunky and Web Lackey. Ed has a Masters in literature and 35 years experience in the book industry, libraries and digital productions. He once was a director of a digital library

3)  Jason, the hardworking head of shipping. 

4)  Bob, The publisher and author of several novels. 


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